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May 28, 2019

We would love to continue to create only the highest quality RV parks. We can do so by taking our time to expand or we can expand through accepting new partners and respectable investors to our communities. Are you one or the other? If so then contact us immediately. We are looking for managers to watch over the NY park. Managers will get a few free trips per year to our Florida park for community supervisor meetings.

April 22, 2019

We are proud to announce that we have an opportunity to bring our RV park designs to NY. We have partnered up and are even looking possibly at a franchise design. We will see how this NY park goes then decide from there if we want to go nationwide. We have a strong community of supporters and want to make sure that we stay as high quality as possible.

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January 14, 2019

It’s always a good idea to continue your education so you can stay up to date on best practices for running a business. And when those learning opportunities are customized specifically for the business of running an RV park or campground, it’s even better.

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December 20, 2018

f you can’t get rid of the clutter, stick it in storage. Our units are perfect for extra household goods, yard tools and family heirlooms. We also have Sheltered Storage for RVs, Boats, etc. Come take a look!

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August 22, 2018

The crew was has been working hard the past few days to get the concrete poured. It’s looking good, and the new bathrooms up front will be to open soon!

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Latest FL RV Park News

June 07, 2019 The National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) wrapped up its participation in RVs Move America Week on Wednesday having successfully met with 34 different legislators about the value of RV parks and campgrounds and the RV industry.
June 05, 2019 Some of the very coolest attractions you’ll come across on your travels are this amazing country’s national parks. From mountains to beaches, this land has a little bit of everything, and as an adventurer, it’s your job to explore it all.
May 23, 2019 Thousand Trails kicks off its annual #100DaysOfCamping promotion Memorial Day weekend, as the summer-long, 100-day challenge has become a staple for campers across the country.
May 22, 2019 Camping returned Tuesday to Three Rivers State Park, which was partially reopened last month as repairs continued after damage from Hurricane Michael in October. Source
May 22, 2019 One of the biggest challenges when it comes to traveling fulltime with kids is finding ways to entertain little ones in the car.
May 20, 2019 "With more than 235 total attendees and exhibitors, we out-grew this year’s venue much faster than anticipated. We are exploring unique options for next year’s conference, but it is just too early to provide any details,” said Cornwell.
May 14, 2019 So, you want to hit the open road with your family but not sure how to get there?  Well, let’s start. That statement right there is the biggest secret. (This is a guest post from Brad Finkeldei)  Just start!
May 10, 2019 If you’re planning on living and traveling in an RV, getting set up with the right equipment and RV accessories is a must. Unfortunately, knowing exactly what you need without having ever experienced life on the road is nearly impossible.
May 10, 2019 Have you ever pictured yourself waking up to the sunrise over golden-lit vineyards, parking your RV amongst columns of lavender, or enjoying pizza and brews with your own bed just steps away?
May 06, 2019 One of the biggest concerns of people getting ready to hit the road full time is whether or not they can do so safely. The answer? Absolutely, you can!
May 03, 2019 “Our industry is ever evolving," said Cornwell. "Local municipalities introduce new regulations, consumer demographics and demand is changing, as well as, the introduction of new accommodation types." Source
April 24, 2019 TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Florida and Alabama Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds confirmed this afternoon Westgate Resorts will lead its glamping discussion panel at the Outdoor Hospitality Conference & Expo at Disney Springs.
April 23, 2019 Florida and Alabama Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds confirmed this afternoon Westgate Resorts to lead its Glamping discussion panel at the Outdoor Hospitality Conference & Expo at Disney Springs. Source
April 23, 2019 Get a free night at one of Florida's picturesque state park campgrounds or cabins when you make a reservation by April 30. Source
April 19, 2019 If you are like most parents, one of your biggest concerns is your children’s wellbeing. Not only do you want your child to be emotionally healthy, but you want them to be well educated.
April 17, 2019 The conference will feature a variety of valuable educational sessions and group “cracker barrels,” all designed to provide RV park and outdoor hospitality owners and operators with the information they need to run a successful and profitable business,
April 16, 2019 So you want to RV. But have you explored what RV living with kids is like? Does that seem a bit daunting?